Enforcement Of Judgments

Our office can help you enforce prior orders that another party refuses to adhere to or comply with. Such orders include: child support, spousal support, visitation, custody, fees, or previously stipulated judgments. The court has several remedies to enforce the orders they issue, and legal action can be taken.

One common type of enforcement order is obtaining an Earnings Assignment Order for Support. This is an enforcement mechanism which requires employers to take money away each month from the obligated party’s paycheck, and directly pay the entitled party. Although, there are some restrictions to this action (i.e. how much of the paycheck is allowed to be taken), it is a fast process if done correctly that can ensure you receive what you’re entitled to.

Another type of enforcement order is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order which is used to divide retirement benefits. They may also be used to enforce support payments. Courts may also create a judgment lien on property if one party refuses or has yet to make all necessary payments to the other party. This can be done on accounts receivable, equipment, inventory and other documents of title except for registered vehicles of the DMV.

When it comes to the Temporary Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, there may be criminal penalties for such a violation. Criminal Penalties can occur if there is an intentional and knowing violation of the DVRO protective orders, firearm restraining orders, or harassment or abusive orders (Pen.C. § 273.6 (a), (c) (1)-(4)).

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