Family Law Attorney Riverside CA

If you’re going through a divorce in Riverside, CA, you need a good family law attorney to help protect your rights and the rights of your child. Every child needs two good parents to help them through the emotional upheaval of a divorce. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In some divorces, the abuse or neglect of one parent is the cause of the divorce. Protecting the child is the most important aspect in that situation. In other cases, the child is being used as a pawn by one of the parents to either injure their estranged partner or as ransom for a better settlement. That only hurts the child.

Child custody doesn’t have to be to just one parent.

When there are two caring parents, often joint custody is the solution. In this case, the child comes out the winner if a mutual agreement can be reached. It helps to have an attorney that isn’t involved with the emotions of the divorce and can clearly see how to make joint custody work for all parties involved. It’s one way the child can get nurturing and love from both parents.

Protecting the child from abuse.

If you have a restraining order or fear abuse, you definitely need the right attorney to protect both you and your child. Abuse can come in many forms. It’s not just physical. It’s harder to prove other kinds of abuse, since the only bruises are on the child’s psyche and can’t be seen. That’s where a good divorce attorney can help you. They have experience in finding proof of this kind of abuse and will help you gather it.

The problems don’t end with the divorce if there’s a child involved.

Some people put their child’s welfare first and both parents act like adults to protect and nurture the child after a divorce. That’s not always the case. Custody battles can continue long after the divorce ends. Child support, while ordered by the court, isn’t always sent. These cases require an advocate that will fight for your rights. That’s where a good family law attorney can help.

  • Don’t even consider that your estranged spouse will be fair to you. While they may be a good person, too often others can sway them in ways that can hurt you. Protect yourself.
  • When your child’s welfare is on the line, you need the best. Look for an attorney that specializes in family law and divorce.
  • Your property settlement and support plays an important role in your child’s future. Make sure you get everything both you and your child deserve.
  • A good attorney can help you and your estranged spouse work things through to an amicable settlement that’s beneficial to all.

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Family Law Attorney Riverside CA

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